“We are a group of designers, design thinkers, and tech entrepreneurs who work together to deliver quality advice and designs that can help businesses make the most of every unit of currency they invest. We like to think of ourselves as a team of problem-solvers with a holistic approach to everything we do” ~ Lucas Stinis (founder)

Our services

Expert reviews

fast, pragmatic, bite-sized, sanity checking

We can help you to sanity check your digital products and services quickly, expertly and for a price that will not break the bank. Our bite-sized checkups and feedback loops will help you find (invisible) issues before they actually become an issue. These checkups encompass everything from your product's basic concept to its interaction design, business model and live management strategy.

Service design

co-creation, customer journeys, use cases

We offer a well thought out, battle-tested way of mapping client needs to the value propositions of products and services. Our co-creation sessions will help your company uncover the actual needs of your clients, in a way that makes creating and/or improving existing products and services more of a science and less of a stab in the dark.

App & web design

mobile, web, wireframes, prototypes

It doesn't matter if your product idea is in its early infancy or if it's a mature product that needs a new coat of paint. Our User Experience designers and Visual Artists can create either succinct or expansive (interactive) Functional and Visual Designs for your websites, games, mobile apps and desktop software products.

Translation & copywriting

native translators, experienced copywriters, contextual bias

Native, contextually correct translations and copywriting of manuals, (software) UI, in-game text, tutorials and general documentation. We offer a broad selection of languages in-house and through our trusted partners. Contact us to find out about our competitive rates and available language combinations.

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Sublime Text

Our awesome team

Lucas Stinis

Service Designer / UX / Translator


Zeger Stinis

Commercial Concept Developer

Mike Hoogervorst

Full-stack Developer

Jente Insing

UX / Visual Designer

Some of our clients

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